Client Information


Our clients should know how their cases are moving along and be able to access case documents.  And they must be able to timely communicate with the handling attorney.

Attorney-client communication is guided by the New York Rules of Professional Conduct. The Firm’s strength is personal representation. Our attorneys meet each potential client, and if you become our client, only attorneys handling your matter will communicate with you.

Clients may find documents filed with the court for cases started online (e-filed). “Search as Guest.” You will find your case by entering the index number, or under the “Name” tab, by entering the name of any party or attorney. Lawsuits in New York City will move slowly. “Anatomy of a Lawsuit” is road map of how cases move through the New York State Supreme Court in New York City.


(1) The Beginning.

We prepare your Complaint and file it with the county clerk along with the $210 fee to purchase the index number. The Complaint is then served on defendant(s).

Typically, defendant’s attorney or insurance adjuster will ask for an extension of time, beyond the initial 20 days, in which to serve an answer. These requests are routinely granted and will add at least 30 days to the case progress. The defendant then serves the answer with requests for documents, photos, videos etc.

Once we have received defendant’s answer, we will file a Request for Judicial Intervention ($95 fee) – by which the Court system recognizes your lawsuit – to ask for a Preliminary Conference (“PC”) to schedule discovery.