The Firm is experienced in drafting wills and handling estates valued in the millions of dollars after death.

Right after death, the original Will must be found and steps taken to protect and preserve estate assets. The beneficiaries of the Will must be notified and an application made to the Surrogate’s Court to accept the Will as valid (the process is known as “probate”) and accept the executor named in the Will (issuing “Letters Testamentary”) or appoint an administrator.

Once the Will is accepted in probate and letters testamentary issue to the executor or letters of administration issue to the administrator, the lengthy process of gathering asset assets, typically selling stocks, personal property and real estate holdings, and settling any estate debts begins.

The Firm will provide guidance to protect and preserve assets from the time of death and then actively participate in helping the Executor/Administrator do what is necessary up to final estate accounting. The Firm will: help with marshaling and selling assets and payment of estate debts; deal with the Surrogate’s Court where necessary and the New York State Attorney General where any charity is a named beneficiary; communicate with beneficiaries and their attorneys and organizations that hold estate assets; and assist with beneficiary distributions and the final accounting of all assets and liabilities.