The National Trial Lawyers

Robert K. Erlanger

Serious injuries are physical and emotional injuries that have had a significant impact on a person’s working and personal life, and were caused by:

     •  not giving a worker proper tools or supplying defective tools or failing to keep a work site hazard-free

     •  carelessness by business owners or drivers (negligence)

     •  asbestos exposure caused mesothelioma

     •  defective drugs and products

     •  property defects and failing to keep property hazard-free

     •  injuries during international airline flights

     •  medical malpractice – failure of a medical professional to meet the profession standard

Case results include:

     ✓ $2.7 million pre-trial settlement ($4.5 million future value) for the estate and surviving wife and children of a worker who contracted mesothelioma 20 years after working with asbestos cement pipes as part of an emergency sewer repair crew for a few summers while in college

     ✓ $1.5 million pre-trial settlement for union carpenter injured by a jerry-rigged mechanical saw provided by his employer at a Manhattan 60-floor building construction site

     ✓ $495,000 pre-trial settlement for 82-year old woman who suffered kidney damage after using a popular bowel cleaning product in preparation for a colonoscopy

     ✓ $465,000 pre-trial settlement against hospital and law firm (that missed the time to bring a wrongful death claim) in favor of estate and surviving spouse over the death of a 62-year old physician who died from undiagnosed lung blood clots from his legs (pulmonary embolism)

     ✓ Numerous pre-trial settlements for pedestrians hit by cars at or near the limits of drivers’ insurance policies, particularly where there were surgeries

     ✓ Confidential mid-six figure settlement against mobile phone manufacturer and cell service provider for failure to warn of danger that mobile phone was operating while it was not being used, resulting in a skin burn and nerve damage under the skin

     ✓ Confidential high five-figure settlement with foreign airline resulting from its serving too hot water for tea to passenger who suffered second degree burns on her legs during an international flight